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Nov 10, 2012 4:30pm EST
more monitoring centers, more of tomorrow's technology right here today, and more value. 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide, starting at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. isn't your family worth america's number one security company, adt? [ woman ] our girls got us thinking, but the break-in got us calling. [ man ] and after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99, and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. meditate, medit >>> how would you like to have a user's manual for your brain? think of it as a way to train your brain to be more cooperative. well, deepak chopra's 65th book is called "super brain." thank you for joining us. it was a great book, i have read it, obviously, and it is in my wheel house. you call the brain a "three pound universe" that was interesting, what do you mean? >> well, first of all, the break is an activity through the universe, through which the universe sees
Nov 11, 2012 4:30am PST
inside. >> absolutely. now that we have the technology and function of the mris, you can track the thought and see what it's doing to each part of your brain. there's not a single event that has a neural representation and there's. >> knurl representation that doesn't have a biological effect. i've been speaking about the mind/body connection for 25 years but it's the mind/brain connection that creates the mind/body connection. >> this is a pivot in the way you think about things. when you think about the baseline brain i think as you call it and turning it into a super brain, which is the tight ofl the book, what d us that mean to you? >> it means we now have insight is into how we age and how we review the parts of the body. home owe stasis, immune functions, skin thickness, the number of wrinkles you have. >> that gets everybody's attention, right? >> you know, we just did a study on tell omris that measures tell mears. when people meditate it goes up by 30%. this is amazing insight. a mental event can actually change your biological thought. >> can you give bhe an example? so s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)